Marketing that flexes with your cashflow

Marketing that flexes with your cashflow…

by | Sep 5, 2022

… especially when it’s not working

For many businesses marketing is a necessary component of their success. An annual requirement reflected in their annual accounts. However, just because it is needed every year doesn’t mean it is needed all year.

Many marketing commitments are long term: annual data licenses, annual PR contracts, quarterly campaigns or may be even salaries. Again that doesn’t mean they are contributing for a 100% of the time they are committed to.

What is more these longer term commitments take no account of how you are trading. It may be you are up to capacity, and generating more demand is unhelpful. We can pause your marketing activity ensuring it is in sync with expected demand so that costs relate favourably to profit.

What if your target customers are on annual shut down. Perhaps your income or cashflow cannot justify the expenditure – and yet you have had to make an annual commitment. An annual cost that is not offering a return on investment. Check out our related eshot here.

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