Creating a business you believe in

Creating a business you believe in

by | Aug 17, 2022

Is it the bottom-line or a positive work experience that matters most in business?

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed – and endured – counselling, mentoring, business coaching, leadership development, business mentoring, worked with a management consultant and taken advice from an angel investor as well as family, friends and well-meaning clients. I’ve networked, spoken at events and hosted a successful networking group, before, during and after Covid. I’ve written countless columns and interviewed many, many business leaders over the years.

One piece of advice that stands out for me was when I was told, by a business mentor, that I was ‘naive’ to think that I could only work with people whom I respected.

But where do you draw the line and go with your gut?

The model for my business is disruptive. Pay-as-you-go PR really causes radical change in the marketing industry – the definition of disruption. The established public relations market is known for its more traditional retainer model and schmooze.

We don’t do it like that. We’re straight-talking, hardworking professionals who manage outsourced marketing for SMEs across the two counties. We also manage interim campaigns for busy businesses who want extra support at busy times. Some love the freedom and some don’t. We love the excitement of a new challenge and doing our best for businesses who are in need of support.

Like it or loathe it, pay-as-you-go really works for us and, more importantly, for our clients. It allows them to pick and choose when they want to tap into marketing to suit their business needs.

It’s not that I’ve wanted to be disruptive, it’s just I’ve seen a chance to do something differently – that works.

So, in summary, I prefer to work with like-minded people – both clients and associates – and don’t feel that’s naive. More than that, it’s not only a way that works for me and my business, I believe that it’s the way forward in many businesses.

Is there, perhaps an intuitive link between working with the right people and a positive work experience? Can you have both? I think so, you?

As seen online at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

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