Conversation Worcestershire with Mandie Fitzgerald and Ruby Edwards

Conversation Worcestershire with Mandie Fitzgerald

by | Jul 27, 2022

Mandie Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer at Headway Worcestershire, answers the questions posed by Ruby Edwards from You Do Better PR in the latest Conversation Worcestershire. Mandie says:

Your alarm goes off… I wake up without an alarm usually 5:30 am (but set one just in case) I’m not the best sleeper!

How did you start doing what you’re doing? I started off in the charity sector by volunteering one day a week as I had a free day, I quickly realised this is where my heart was in making a difference in our community.

Your typical day… The one thing about a typical day is that no two days are the same… plans are quickly adapted to support our services. I always make sure I spend some time with our clients and the team, take some time for me at the end of the day with a good dinner and a walk or gym visit and catch up with friend and those I care about.

You’re responsible for … leading, inspiring, managing, directing, promoting and developing the work of Headway Worcestershire, to ensure the financial viability of the charity and to work with The Board to promote and support the overarching objectives of the organisation.

As a CEO, there are so many responsibilities and most are tied to Represent and act as an ambassador for Headway Worcestershire across the county and nationally as required, including presentations and public speaking. Actively market, promote and strategically position Headway Worcestershire, working collaboratively with other local and public partners. Continue to raise awareness of acquired brain injury (ABI) and the impact this has on the individual as well as the ripple effect to those close to them and the wider community. Support the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its responsibilities ensuring that relevant legislation is adhered to.

What worries you? Being late, which means I’m often too early, sharks if I’m in the sea, abuse and cruelty of human race, our planet and animals. Violence.

What are your notable highlights to date? I’m lucky, there are a few to choose from, for example:

  • Transforming Headway Worcestershire into the service provider the Board, Team and I envisage and strive for, ensuring that opportunities are made available to our client group to have the best life after an ABI.
  • Getting my degree when my son was young, still working and being a full-time student and a single Mom
  • Giving my son all the opportunities and support he needed growing up
  • Having some exceptional friends who are my extended family
  • Becoming CEO of Headway Worcestershire
  • Being happy and contented in my life
  • Always being there for those I care about
  • Making a difference

What’s the key to your success? Passion and drive for a cause that has value, purpose and positive outcomes for those that it supports and cares for. Being approachable and genuine and thankful for all of life’s little wins.

Who or what has been your biggest influence? Music transforms the mind and evokes such memories…

What’s on your to do list? So much! To improve my knowledge on ABI and the power of the brain, travel and self-development. I want to continue to always be kind, grow old disgracefully and win an obscene amount on the National Lottery and set up my own charitable trust!

Biggest bugbear? Rubbish on our streets and the lack of understanding of the impact of an ABI on the health and wellbeing of an individual and the challenges they face.

What you wanted to be when you grew/grow up? At a young age my heart was set to become a police officer but I quickly realised I didn’t like the shoes they wore.

Where can you mostly be found after work? The gym is my new go to after work, as working hard on my fitness listening to my headphones on full volume gives me the motivation, usually Faithless. Oh, and a sneaky G&T on a Friday…and maybe another night. Always in my kitchen cooking a good dinner even if it just for me

Best piece of advice you’ve received? Trust your gut instinct about people and situations, never doubt your innate abilities.

Your party piece? To make people laugh

How do people find out about you? To find out more about me and the team at Headway, Worcestershire, please go to:

As seen in BusinessWorks West Midlands Magazine.

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