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Futures programme at You Do Better PR

by | Mar 29, 2022

The You Do Better PR Futures Programme aims to support the team’s talent bank to convert their ideas into reality.

New and existing associates within the team’s talent bank are encouraged to gain their dream client by using their creative skills to formulate a campaign. Then, together, we pitch it to the business. Whether we gain the work or not, we win. Not only do we gain time working together but also learn new skills, gain knowledge and experience of the creative and pitching process plus feedback from a dream client.

Join the team at You Do Better and become part of a unique team and a chance to join the Futures Programme where you can work with a dream client.

Elizabeth, a tier-one associate says:

“Working with Ruby at You Do Better has been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to both further my skills and focus on the areas I enjoy the most. Ruby is an incredibly encouraging boss and, more than that, mentor who truly believes in what she does and in her associates – something clear to all who have worked with and alongside her. It is more a pleasure than a job with You Do Better and I would recommend a conversation with Ruby to any freelancers who are currently on the fence.”

More about being part of our Talent Bank of Associates can be found here and you can also Meet the team by clicking here.

Call Ruby direct on 07891 777464 if you’d like to learn more.





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