Bowbrook Lodges

Bowbrook Lodges – Case Study

by | Oct 8, 2021

Tasked with managing PR including social we have helped to raise the profile of this local camping and glamping site across sector-specific groups and also gaining local coverage in the media regarding a joint project with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to enhance the site in order to help support wildlife and make it more attractive to visitors.


Richard and Matt Jaques, brothers and joint owners of the site, approached the county’s Wildlife Trust to enhance their site in order to help support wildlife and make it more attractive to visitors:

Together, they applied for support in 2019 and tree planting work commenced in the winter of 2020 with the creation of wetlands completed in Spring 2021. Richard says:

“We planted the trees in 2020 with the help of Worcester Wildlife Trust to improve sustainability and provide a truly unique area to explore. It is now landscaped with 2500 trees, 250 fruit trees, lakes and wetlands and a 1 mile long hard path for easy walks.”

Sustainability and an enduring place to visit were at the forefront of the drive to change and the WWT supported the brothers’ ambitious plans.


Sean Webber, Natural Networks Officer, agrees:

“The Natural Networks project at Bowbrook Lodges has really helped to transform the site and has created valuable habitat for wildlife: the new woodland margins contain a range of native trees and shrubs which will provide food and shelter whilst the new traditional orchards and meadows will provide lots of flowers and fruit. Traditional orchards can be a great habitat for wildlife, particularly birds and pollinators, and the site now has a wide range of fruit tree varieties, many of which were raised in Worcestershire and the surrounding counties. The project has also created some significant new wetland habitats, including a lake, a pond complex, and two large backwaters. The new wetlands complement the existing habitats of the Bow Brook (a Local Wildlife Site) and provide a haven for dragonflies, fish fry, and other aquatic species. The site now offers a diverse range of habitats for wildlife which will become increasingly valuable as they establish and mature.”

As seen in BusinessWorks Magazine Worcestershire & the Black Country and the Evesham Observer.

Further work with the team at Bowbrook Holidays led to extra coverage as Finalists in the Visit Worcestershire Awards and for joining in with the David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Challenges. Read all about it here.

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