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3 minutes with – Alan Clark

by | Aug 10, 2021

‘3 minutes with’ is our initiative to support positive communications, gain an insight into local businesses, learn from their experience and take away their top tips. This month, we hear from Leadership Coach Alan Clark, Founder of Exponential Coaching.

More about Alan can be found here. Alan says:

Three ways to grow your leadership and navigate 2021. 

I think the opportunity for change in 2021 for both human beings and businesses will be enormous. 

Being open to these new possibilities and opportunities will create a competitive advantage for all leaders and businesses. 

Here are three “leadership behaviours” that can set you and your business up to actively seek and embrace these possibilities and opportunities. 

  1. Create a clearing for yourself. 

For me, creating a clearing ( like a clearing in a forest) for yourself is the starting point of any successful change initiative, transformation, project or getting better at what you do ( including leadership ). This can be 15 mins or longer, just you with your thoughts and something to capture your fresh insights that most definitely will appear. Powerful possibilities have now started to open up.

  1. Seek clarity not certainty. 

I think one of the biggest lessons in recent years is that there is no real certainty. And whilst that can feel unsettling, seeking clarity on where we are, why we are here and where we really want to go brings a renewed sense of possibility and structure to our leadership and our business. And we can then act on these possibilities that seeking clarity has provided us., thus transforming possibility into our reality.

  1. Convert clarity and worry into challenges

I think there are 2 things that if converted into challenges make a huge positive difference to our leadership, our performance and the results of our business. These are clarity and worry. When we create clarity in a situation there is usually a clear next step or set of possible actions, these are then our next challenge to overcome, and we can then take the action (however small). 

 Likewise, when we are worried about something we are  usually rewarded with, well, more worry! 

Upgrading our worries into challenges opens up the possibility of small actions that will change the situation that we were worrying about. 

We are now rewarded with performance rather than worry. 

My best ever leadership advice ( and very relevant to 2021) 

The best leadership advice ( and it was repeating advice ) I ever received was to first slow down and then when leading others to be clear on who owns what. 

When we slow down we access more and more of our imagination and our creativity. 

Problems start to clear and more possibilities appear to open up.

When slowing down we can agree next actions ( with self or others) more effectively. And we remember more! 

Who owns what is a critical leadership skill to master when you are leading others. 

This allows you to develop, support and challenge your team much more effectively. It also prevents double working, creating an optimally efficient team ( and business). Ultimately it creates better outcomes and performance for your business and your customer. 

I am really passionate about helping businesses to create high performing cultures that feel great to be a part of and deliver astonishing outcomes for customers. Everyone being really clear on who does what is a critical success factor in any high performing culture. 

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