In conversation with Sadie Skipworth – online personality

In conversation with Sadie Skipworth – online personality

by | Aug 8, 2021

It is the art of conversation that will get you remembered – says online personality Sadie Skipworth. Sadie has 15k organic followers on Twitter, 30k on LinkedIn and 4k on Facebook, using them to connect business to business leads and helps to promote her clients as well as help generate leads for local and national SMEs and larger companies.

Sadie began her own business, using social media to connect people in December 2017 and uses her personality by taking on their persona and increasing her clients’ presence online.  Sadie has had an amazing and measurable success in doing so.

To find out more about Sadie and how social media can support your business, please read on:

My alarm goes off….

and so does my mind, as I wake up in ‘work mode’. After porridge and tea I set to work with ideas that have been formulating about how to help each of my clients achieve their vision.

How did you start doing what you are doing?

It started as a hobby back in January 2016.  I had 30 followers on Twitter and I set myself a task to reach 10K by December of that year: organic followers are those you have attracted over time because your content grabs their attention and become popular, rather than ‘bought’ followers who would not have any attention of interacting with you.

My original profile photographs on social media showed me holding two beers and smiling… this not only grabs attention but also demonstrates my interest in craft beer.  So I combined the two and went onto Twitter, whilst I took a year out of work whilst dealing with Cancer, thankfully all clear now. Initially to support the growth of microbreweries in Norfolk, where I was living at the time.

I thought of the name LadySadie66 because I couldn’t think of anything else at the time and it rhymed! It seemed to suit me so I stuck with it.

I gained 10k organic followers by December 2016 and now I have 15k on Twitter. The majority have stayed with me, which is great.  I grew the idea by starting to promote local SME’s. In addition to the breweries I used #shoutouts for the Top 25 companies or individuals per month.  This started in January 2016 and I carried it on.  I am now supporting businesses across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I found that I had a niche of simply bringing out the best in people.

One day, one of the microbreweries I was supporting asked me to promote them online as their personality.  It worked so well that I then became a well-known contributor to the various live ‘business’ hours on Twitter as myself and other businesses.

This, then spilled over into local radio, which worked extremely well, as we promoted local businesses on air and played great music. Local companies would sponsor air time and the concept was a great success in Norfolk, it engaged the audience and helped spread the word further. I then moved to Worcestershire in February 2017 and thought about seeking a job; I have worked in all sectors i.e. Education, Construction, and Healthcare within various roles. Whilst looking for employment a financial advisor came to see me and took an interest in my role and suggested I should develop my own style.  The next day I was invited to pitch at a Networking Meeting – in Independent Networking Group (WIN) hosted at the Mount Pleasant in Malvern, where I nervously stood and spoke about my idea to a panel of people from different businesses across Worcestershire, including a digital marketer.

My passion, and drive obviously shined through, as I sat down, I had my first client, who incidentally is still with me today. So, I took the plunge, and registered with HMRC in December 2017 and by May 2018 was brimming with clients, and even had a waiting list!

I found that some clients wanted to expand onto LinkedIn and Facebook too, so in January 2018 – I decided to think ‘outside the box’, my son tells me that is a very eighties saying! I only had a sum total of 60 connections of people I knew, but I started to build up and in just under 4 months, I had reached a total of 25k. I employed a sector based strategy to connect with people who would bring value to my network and those I felt that I could add value to theirs. I now have global connections as I upgraded to the Premium rate, this subscription allows me to connect to more people across all sectors.

My typical day:

LinkedIn is by far my main platform these days, so I spend a lot of my time researching relevant content and help them to target the right audiences, engagement is the key to success. I also write content in my ‘clients’ style for LinkedIn which has proved very popular. I am a great believer in people buy from people. 

Your highlights to date:

  • Being publicly thanked at a conference by the Managing Director of a multi-million pound company by being consistent in helping them promote their social media across my own channels. 
  • My ‘Golden Nugget’ of business wisdom has been published in a book.
  • One Golden Nugget by Steven Foster –
  • I have managed via LinkedIn and Twitter to gain a client their biggest contract to date.
  • Purely through Twitter and tagging in companies together, have won another company a big contract.
  • Have helped in various Twitter Workshops.
  • I am also on the role of honour or hall of fame for micro businesses #microbizmatters

Who or what has been my biggest influence?

My late Father, he was a very a successful innovative businessman.

What is on your bucket list? To do List?

Travel, I love to travel – either in the UK or globally.

Biggest bugbear?

People who have hidden secret agendas, people who are not genuine and rude people.

What I wanted to be when I grew up:

An actress or a journalist to far flung countries.

Where can you mostly be found after work?

Going to live music gigs.

What can you do 3 of?

Bring out the best in people.

Make a difference.

Help businesses achieve their dreams and visions.

Best piece of advice?

Target your audience. Engagement with all types of businesses is vital. ‘Art of conversation’ really does get you remembered. Find something that make you stand out from your competitors. Research your competition.

How do people find out about you?

Head over to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with Sadie and see if she can help support you and your business online.

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