Copy that!

by | Jul 11, 2021

The phrase ‘copy that’ or ‘do you copy’ generally means that your message has been received and understood.

It’s widely believed to originate from military, amateur and CB radio communications to: “confirm receipt of a message and its understanding.”

On its own, the word ‘copy’ means many things, in this context it can be:

“written text that is to be printed, or text that is intended to help with the sale of a product”


“to produce something that is exactly like another thing, or to do something meant to be like someone or something else.” (The Cambridge Dictionary)

The latter, in this arena, could be classed as plageurism yet often there’s not much that is truly original. Plus Google doesn’t like it. Copying that is. Google, just like clients, prefer original copy, so it’s definitely worth avoiding duplicate content. More about how Google indexes and show pages with distinct information can be found here.

So, in your social media content, blogs and press releases how do you make sure your message is received and understood?

  1. Is it written in a clear and original format?
  2. Have you defined your audience and curated content that’s suitable for it?
  3. Have you written your messaging so that your target market can understand it?

More questions than answers here, although this is just the start of a journey towards clear messaging – so that your customers can copy that!

For support with your copy and comms, please contact Ruby direct on 07891 777464.

As seen in the Pershore Times.

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