Play to your strengths with You Do Better PR

Play to your strengths

by | Apr 13, 2021

You Do Better PR play to our strengths:

  • our pay-as-you-go business model – this USP is favoured amongst SMEs as we provide a flexible approach to communications and easy access to PR, making it easy and affordable for businesses to try out public relations and see how it fits with their organisation.
  • interim campaign management – being flexible and working alongside organisations where their marketing manager may be on leave and a crucial campaign needs managing. We specialise in interim cover and deliver public relations when you need it.
  • Gain support from those who are better than you at what you need help with – our associates are all experts in their fields. The investment in like-minded associates is paramount to our business. The investment in like-minded associates is paramount to business. We love working with a team who love what they do and believe that people will continue to be key to the success of business in 2021.
  • learning and gaining experience from global brands like Curvy Kate and Stella McCartney – invaluable experience which allows us to now deliver London skills locally. Paid or unpaid, work experience adds to our continual improvement programme. Read our blog.
  • straight talking – we believe that the truth will do it (almost) every time… but that’s not what people or organisations usually feel about a PR. We’re a little different and maybe that’s why we stand out! We’re not for everyone but when we find the right fit, we fit well. More about being a straight-talking PR here.

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