Whether you decide to pivot, adapt, diversify or flex, lockdown has provided opportunities for businesses to look change their communications and tone of voice.

Pivot, adapt, diversify or flex?

by | Apr 12, 2021

Whether you and your business decided to pivot, adapt, diversify, develop or flex over the last year or so, lockdown has provided some opportunities for businesses to consider changing their communications and tone of voice. And maybe it’s here to stay?

This is one of the biggest turning points in history and individuals and businesses continue to reel from the effects of Covid-19. Indeed, the implications of change are far-reaching and felt by all. With such change has come the opportunity for the communications industry to show their empathy and also provide a foundation for others to follow suit.

Some sales-orientated businesses have already changed the way they communicate to demonstrate their commitment to kindness and support of the global unification. Others have soldiered on as before, and who knows, maybe their static response will affect their business for years to come.

However, for many businesses, being forced to work remotely has proven not only doable, but also more productive and of course much kinder to the planet. The media has reported that the UK has seen a drop of up to 60% in carbon emissions in some areas, as well as reduced air traffic and quieter roads. There are side-effects too, of course, with the mental health and wellbeing of employees and team members (furloughed or not) needing to be addressed.

Some brands have evolved to become more flexible and robust. How has your brand pivoted, adapted, diversified, developed and flexed over time?

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