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Keeping up with the conversations | The Christmas Decorators

by | Mar 29, 2021

‘Keeping up with the conversations’ is a regular article following up on our monthly feature with business leaders across Worcestershire in County Lifestyle and Leisure Magazine. Our regular business article is a chance to catch up on the news with previous interviewees.

This time we hear from Ali and Paul Chester from The Christmas Decorators:

We’re excited to be moving into a bigger workshop with added office space. For the last few years, we have been using two separate units to store our decorations, which has been quite time consuming for travelling and it has required us to expertly organise ourselves (more so than usual!) We are hoping to build a new decorating room within the space, which Ali will enjoy filling with boxes of colour co-ordinated ribbons, baubles and floral picks.

Paul hopes to invite visitors to our new workshop and use the office space for meetings. We’ve previously been unable to showcase many of our decorations so we are hopeful that lots of examples can be presented to potential clients during these meetings.

One of the most exciting new developments for this year is that, Paul and I are branching out into decorations and displays for all year round. Ali has been busy in the workshop creating a series of elaborate, floral doorways for Easter and Spring, bursting with a combination of beautiful pastel colours and themed decorations. Decorated doorways came more into the public eye during Christmas 2019 when celebrities joined the trend and used social media platforms to showcase their decorations. Throughout the last year, decorated doorways have transformed in many ways; they’ve got bigger and they are packed with intricate detail, and the designs have varied to suit different seasons or events.

We also plan to expand on our lighting range during the Spring and Summer months. Our aim is to provide decorative lights for commercial and residential properties who aim to enhance their outdoor area. We also have previous experience in wedding lighting and wish to make this an official service that we can provide.

We were hoping to implement some of these ideas last year but due to Covid, we had to put our plans on hold. However, the time during lockdown did give us the opportunity to reflect on our current Christmas services and whether we needed to adapt our business to suit the climate and our clients. Relationships with our clients strengthened as we sympathised with one another, and we are so humbled by the returning clients last Christmas. As expected, some of our commercial clients requested to reduce their spend for the year but we gained some residential clients who wanted to light up their homes and add a bit of extra sparkle. Many of them wanted their decorations up for longer this year and so our de-rig period lasted until the end of January which was a nice change…

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