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3 minutes with – Ben Mannion

by | Mar 1, 2021

‘3 minutes with’ is our latest initiative to support positive communications, gain an insight into local businesses, learn from their experience and take away their top tips. This month, we hear from Ben Mannion, Director at Hewett Recruitment Ltd and President & Board Member at Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce.

More about Ben can be found here. Ben says:

Top 3 recruitment tips:

1.Research – It doesn’t matter whether you are a Candidate or an Employer…always do your research! A Candidate attending an interview needs to have researched the company and contact they are meeting with and anything they might have questions about. As a prospective Employer, it is important that you have taken the time to read their CV…this allows you to ask better questions and clarify any concerns, making the whole interview process far more useful and allowing you to make better decisions.

2. Sell yourself – An interview is a 2 way street…a Candidate needs to be able to sell themselves and their suitability…an Employer needs to sell the opportunity with their company. Once again, make sure you have done your research so you understand what is important to the other party…whether it be demonstrating particular skills required for a role as a Candidate or talking about the working culture / environment as an Employer.

3. Give examples – Whenever people talk about what they say they can do…or a company states a commitment to a particular way of working, examples are what bring these to life and really show that people mean it. As a Candidate, the more evidence you can provide of when and where you have delivered against similar responsibilities and competencies to the role you are going for, the more an Employer will see you as a great fit…and as an Employer, being able to demonstrate when you have lived and breathed your pledges to your employers, is what can make you stand out from the crowd.

Surviving the lockdown

Fresh air! With the shorter days over Winter, it was very tempting to become a bit of a hermit, stuck in the home office all day. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting outside – even if just for a short walk – to get some fresh air and exercise. Even on those days when you might feel like it is a real chore to get up and get out you should make the effort…time away from your screen and away from work is very important for your wellbeing and ultimately helps you to be even more productive when you are at your desk!

Best piece of advice

Do something that you love! We spend most of our time at work…whether it be in the office or increasingly from home. With this in mind, it is so important that you do something that you enjoy. We all have days that don’t go to plan, that’s just the way things are…but loving what you do allows you to dust yourself off and go for it again. If you are not happy in your work, then spend some time thinking about what you really like to do…what puts a smile your face…and then see what opportunities are out there that match up with this…you might be pleasantly surprised!

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