A straight talking PR: the oxymoron of public relations at You Do Better

A straight talking PR: the oxymoron of public relations at You Do Better

by | Jan 12, 2021

We believe that the truth will do it (almost) every time… but that’s not what people or organisations usually feel about a PR.

That’s why our Agency is just a little bit different. Not simply because we have a PAYG business model (rather than the usual, sizeable monthly retainer) but because we also say it as it is. That may seem like a weird way to do public relations, but it works for us, and it works for our clients.

At the heart of all public relations activity is the relationship between you and your audience. And to form a relationship that lasts and, most importantly for your business, converts individuals into consumers and clients, you need to build trust.

For consumers, seeing authenticity is crucial. In a market that is so saturated with so many different choices and voices, you need to be able to stand out by offering something that enables you to connect. For many, it’s knowing that a brand cares about their needs, and is passionate about providing the best solution to their problem. For others, it’s finding synergy between what they and a company believe in.

No matter what angle they are looking to connect from, building long-lasting loyalty is something that can only be achieved through honesty and integrity: two values that form the very essence of You Do Better.

“Honesty and integrity are key factors in my life and work: along with kindness and respect. For me, having those values at the Agency is vital to the ongoing relationships I have with my clients. If I make a mistake I’m open about it. Similarly, if my client and I undertake a successful piece of work; a social media campaign that converts into sales or an article published in a target publication, then it’s a team effort and I openly appreciate everyone’s input.

PRs are often considered full of fluff, schmoozing to gain work, but I can honestly say I’ve never done either! I’m a straight-talking PR (the oxymoron of public relations perhaps?), and that’s not for everyone. But if my approach fits with the values and visions of individuals and companies looking for public relations support, then it’s a win-win combination.”

Indeed, the people and organisations that You Do Better PR work with agree that it’s a successful pairing. Editors and clients alike have commented on how the approach works well for them:

“Ruby is a really pro-active PR who puts the interests of her clients first all the time. She’s enthusiastic, informed and understands the difference between a really good news story and PR puff. In a constantly full in-box, I always open and read her emails.”

Nicky Godding. Editor of Business & Innovation Magazine and Retail Watch.

You Do Better’s honesty doesn’t just transpire to successful outcomes and delivery, but in the very way that they work. For them, working on a pay as you go model is essential for delivering good work that clients can rely on. They are always upfront on our fees, clear about the time they take on their projects, and strive to deliver only the best results that can positively impact on your business.

For many, PR can be seen as a dark art. But for You Do Better, it’s an integral method of connecting and building authentic relationships with the communities around them.

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