Better messaging: why is it important?

by | Sep 29, 2020

Message development is more important than ever. In the paid media world, a huge amount of time is spent on crafting messages, testing them, revising and testing again before eventually finalising them for distribution to the community.

In public relations, the process isn’t as complex, but perhaps it should be?

According to Microsoft, audiences now have an attention span of just 8 seconds. And, with consumers only looking for information that is relevant to them, they search through newsfeeds, social media streams and publications asking just one fundamental question: “Does it apply to me?”

Customising communications may seem like a simple concept, but reaching the insights that allow us to customise messaging is becoming much more complex.

In order to tailor a message, we need to not only be clear on who our target audience is, but also on how they consume information and what attracts them to engage in the content. In doing so, it will help to engage key decision-makers and eventually convert them into loyal customers.

Some of us can be guilty of tailoring messages without giving that attention to detail, particularly when working to tight deadlines. Often, the focus can be on getting the campaign or product launched, leading to those finer details getting overlooked. This can have a particularly damaging effect, especially when trying to foster an impact.

To conquer this, a human element needs to always be immersed into the narrative that is created. Without a story, there’s the risk that we start to talk at the audience and not with them.

Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign is based on a powerful insight. It’s got 2.8 million women exercising through their refreshingly honest portrayal of exercise. It provides a fantastic example of messaging that is audience specific and speaks to women in a way that is relatable and genuine.

In the food and beverage market, delivering tailored messages is also extremely important. After all, we’re talking about digestible products, so the direct impact on lives is clear. The messages that convince people to choose to purchase their items over others needs to be spot on.

Morrisons chose to showcase a different side to its brand and demonstrate a unique status amongst the largest UK supermarkets with its ‘What We Make, Makes Us Who We Are’ campaign. Focusing on its locally sourced produce, Morrisons showcased its relationship with the farmers and shopkeepers that supply it.

This strategy certainly paid off for the supermarket chain as they announced strong sales and profit growth for its third consecutive year, which it has partly put down to its championing of British supply chains and their ability to communicate compelling messages.

An extraordinarily wise women once said: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou.

It’s always important to bare this in mind before sharing your message with your audience: you shouldn’t dive headfirst into campaigns, be sure to first take a moment to consider who you’re talking to, and why.

To know better, consider what your target audience is looking for, rather than just thinking about what you offer. Research this and find out their true values. Once you truly understand their values, you can align your brand principles with their own, a key element of any campaign for truly resonating with your target audience.

Although this process may require extensive research to deliver those clear and concise messages, it is well worth the investment of time and resources.  It proves that delivering targeted messaging that resonates with your audience isn’t just ‘nice to have’, it’s a business necessity. It’s what differentiates good campaigns from great campaigns.

Align yourself with their interests and find a way to talk to them in an authentic, relatable voice. If you and your consumers talk as if you’re miles apart, there will be no trust or personability that your audience can relate with. As part of this, remove jargon from your messaging and be concise.

If efforts are targeted, and we really do know better, education and engagement will come naturally, and businesses will start to do better.

At You Do Better, we can tailor your messages to target specific audiences and publications. With a true understanding of your audience, we target messaging and ensure its fully up to date, ensuring that everything you share is not only relevant but just right for your audience.

You Do Better can help you know better – get in touch and we’ll support you in perfecting your communication.

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