Communications are shifting from crisis towards a new strategy in the Coivd-19 pandemic

Communications crisis shifting?

by | Apr 29, 2020

Businesses are starting to shift focus from crisis communications to adapt their key messaging, ready for the next chapter of trading – says Ruby Edwards from You Do Better PR & Communications Agency.

Following on from our piece about how Integrity is at the heart of business right now, we share how we’re seeing a glimmer of hope as communications are moving from a state of crisis and panic to adapt to a more strategic approach. We’re seeing more and more organisations across the three counties begin to plan their marketing initiatives for when lockdown is over and businesses can open their doors again.

“As we all try to come to terms with what’s happening there’s recently been a palpable shift in the need for crisis communications, as most businesses have now put out their messages about working from home, and are slowly starting to shift their approach to marketing.”

You Do Better deliver outsourced PR & Communications to SMEs across the three counties and are beginning to see a change in some of the ways that businesses communicate, as they look to adapt to the new environment and seek to become ‘front of mind’, ready for when the lockdown is over.

“We’ve very recently taken on some new work for local companies who are getting ‘fit and ready’ for action in preparation for when they can open their doors to business again. None of this is easy, but we’re adapting key messages for the next chapter of trading, shifting focus from urgent to important and making the most of our time to look towards the future.”

It’s all still early days, of course, yet the business behaviours we’re noticing could be the sign that it’s time to start planning ahead for the easing of the restrictions we’ve had over the past month. For more about pay-as-you-go PR & Communications, please click here.

As seen online at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and in The Pershore Times.

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