Traffic stopping PR stunts to increase your barnd awareness

“PR” does not stand for “press release”

by | Jun 26, 2019

It doesn’t take a PR professional or a marketing whiz to realise that the way we communicate and consume information has evolved almost beyond what the imagination could have dreamt of. Today, public relations (PR) is anything and everything you do to communicate and raise awareness of your organisation. Some people still believe that PR is all about issuing press releases and securing coverage in the media, but press releases are actually just a drop in the ocean.

Press releases of course have their benefits and in our recent blog, we outline how journalists still very much need us PR professionals to provide content, but for the purpose of this blog, let’s explore the many aspects of PR.

PR is about being creative

Creativity is important in all aspects of public relations, particularly for campaigns, blog writing, press releases and social media as they all involve a creative process. Being creative and thinking of new innovative ideas allows us to stay ahead of the competition, which in turn can be extremely beneficial when creating campaigns and PR stunts for clients.

Last month we joined Curvy Kate, the D-K cup lingerie firm, for a PR stunt involving a traffic-stopping birthday bus tour around London, with ‘boob stops’ along the way, to celebrate the company’s decade in business and allowing us to showcase our client Kela UK’s hair charms. You can read all about it in the Daily Mail, The Sun and on Curvy Kate’s blog here.

Other creative antics that have hit the news recently include North Face’s Wikipedia stunt. They certainly crossed the line but it’s definitely worth thinking about if you want PR to make an impact on your business. Take a look for yourself how the unruly plan gained a lot of attention here.

We’re in an era of restless markets that demand restless marketing, meaning we must take measured risks to get consumers’ attention, leveraging every paid, earned and owned asset available. In the search for unexpected opportunities to gain attention, we should make “No lazy assets!” our mantra. And, if we’re honest with what we’re tasked with as marketers, it’s using every asset to break rules and grab attention for a brand.


Ted Nelson

Author of North Face Wikipedia stunt: unruly markets demand unruly marketing.

You Do Better PR Top Tip: Think outside the box and stand out from the crowd – do it your way!

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