Appreenticeships. What could be better?” asks Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch. By Contributing Reporter - Ruby Edwards, You Do Better PR.

Apprenticeships – what could be better?

by | Mar 5, 2019

“What a wonderful way to start a career – employed, gaining work experience, academic study, qualifications and pay too! What could be better?” asks Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch.

As part of our recent interview with Carl, Ruby Edwards asked the CEO about apprenticeships and how they’ve added value to the business.

Read more about Carl, Worcester Bosch, The Worcestershire LEP and Worcestershire County Council‘s Apprenticeship Hub and how apprenticeships are alive and kicking across Worcestershire as we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – as featured in Business & Innovation Magazine:

By Ruby Edwards, Business & Innovation Magazine contributing reporter


Bosch Carl

Worcester Bosch employs around 1850 associates at two manufacturing sites in the UK. In 2018 the company generated revenues of over £500 million and is growing even stronger with the help of its apprentices, according to Carl the company currently trains 72 apprentices on programmes ranging between 2-4 years.

It has also managed 25 advanced apprentices spread across virtually all functions of the business – in engineering, sales, HR, finance, customer service and logistics.

Carl was one of the earliest graduate placement trainees at the company in 1981. Now, 38 years on, he remains determined to nurture the future of Bosch.

“I work on the principle of growing our own talent and am hugely supportive of this type of career development and planning, so I particularly target apprenticeships where we might have a skill shortage and difficulty recruiting experienced people.”

With a focus on trainee programmes, Worcester Bosch is spearheading apprenticeships within Worcestershire. Indeed, the Service Engineer employee base is 1/3 former apprentices.

Carl is disappointed that government has recently levied the scheme, although this hasn’t impacted on the scheme at Worcester Bosch. “What a wonderful way to start a career – employed, gaining work experience, academic study, qualifications and pay too! What could be better?”

For more about Worcester Bosch go to: and for further details about National Apprenticeships Week go to:

Apprenticeships are alive and kicking in Worcester

Apprenticeships are alive and kicking in Worcester with the launch of a week-long campaign to help promote the initiative in line with National Apprenticeship Week this week.

Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire LEP launched The Worcestershire Apprenticeships Hub in 2016 to help young people find apprenticeships, since then they’ve encouraged and supported thousands of young adults throughout the County.

Now partnered along with Worcestershire Training Providers Association CIC and Worcestershire Business Central, the Hub is planning a range of activities across the county to highlight the opportunities young people have within Engineering and Manufacturing, Business Administration, Finance and Accounting, and IT and Digital Development.

In 2018 around 10,000 people participated in apprenticeships in Worcestershire and the need to drive a more creative and innovative workforce – for now and for the future – has never been more important than in the County’s current, fast growing economy.

Apprenticeship Hub Project Manager, Jacqui Morley-Brooker, said: “Worcestershire is highly supportive of apprenticeships and the advantages that they bring for young people and employers. Apprenticeships have always been a popular opportunity for people to learn as they earn, and to develop the skills that are so important for modern businesses.”

If young people and their parents would like to understand the opportunities available, apply for vacancies, prepare for interviews and access an apprenticeship, they are encouraged to chat with Jacqui and The Worcestershire Apprenticeship Hub team for help.

The Worcestershire Skills Show, the county’s largest careers event, is taking place on Wednesday 13th March at Chateau Impney. This event includes a large ‘Apprenticeship Zone’ and offers young people from Year 7 upwards the opportunity to meet with Worcestershire’s largest employers from a variety of industries and understand how apprenticeships can help create their future careers.

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