My first blog

by | Jul 22, 2018

My name is Ellie McCormick and I am 17 years old.

I was given the opportunity to be a Summer Intern at local firm You Do Better – which is a PR and Communications agency in the Worcestershire area. It is run by Ruby Edwards, along with a small freelance team of aspiring professionals, who manage companies’ social communications to help them share their news and raise the profile of their businesses.

I was asked to support the team in branding projects for 3 very different companies; helping out with their social media; handling and finding out information which could be beneficial to them in their future social media posts. So I had a lot to do. This was great because it gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the industry and learn about how social media works on the business side. I’m interested in studying graphic design at college and this will help me gain more understanding of the industry.

I have already learnt that when approaching the three business that each client is different, what makes one client happy might not be the answer for another.  The first thing I needed to do was to identify the client and understand what they want from our company. To do this I needed to do some market research on each company, learning about their business, their clients and their branding. This helped me to gain a better understanding of the client. Customer research can also help to develop a more detailed idea of the customer and to understand their target audience, customer research also highlights the key areas that the business need to focus on. This helps the team have a greater understanding of the needs and wants of a business and also what we can do to help them achieve goals.

In addition, I have also learnt that when working with companies it is better to keep their social media posts simple, less is more. It is also important to keep the colour scheme (or palette) linked to the business which helps customers to recognise the company – and that this is called branding.  Some companies have preferred images and so it is important to know your clients and have a good relationship with their marketing department. I have learnt that there are many affordable options for small businesses, even those on a tight budget.  You can create stunning graphic design work that will stand out on social media without great expense, remembering that less is more in the media marketing field. And the biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far is that it’s extremely important to publish unique content on a regular basis to make your business grow your platform of your audience just like You Do Better do!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and I’d appreciate some feedback – if you have a moment. Thank you, Ellie.

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